$111.00 USD

Are you ready to commit & make a change to your current habits & routines? Please understand that Melissa is here to help guide you and prompt you with scenarios to have your own personal breakthroughs, however she is NOT a psychiatrist, doctor or medical professional.

If Melissa feels as if your situation would be better handled by a professional therapist, doctor or specialist, she will make that recommendation to you and she may refuse future coaching until you have received additional services.

Melissa expects you to respect her time. Please be on time for your calls. If you are unable to make a scheduled call, Melissa asks for at least 24 hours notice. 

Melissa is not responsible for refunding any payments. If you have an emergency and need to reschedule a call, Melissa will allow 2 reschedules.

Melissa takes confidentiality very serious. The conversations that you will be having will NOT be spoken about or shared unless it seems to be a situation that your health is at risk. 

If you do NOT want your name or picture to be used by Melissa, PLEASE MAKE SURE SHE IS AWARE OF THAT. 

Melissa loves to recognize clients that are working hard, so if you are in agreement with your picture being shared, please let her know, she is always looking to recognize and celebrate clients wins.

Melissa thanks you from the bottom of her heart for trusting in her. She is excited and eager to help you achieve whatever it is that you have set your heart to ✨


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Let's DO THIS! I can't wait to get on the call and hear whats up in your life!

We'll spend 60 minutes running through what's up in your life at the moment.

Exciting goals & visions often come with fears and limiting beliefs that we must bust through in order to show up as our best.

It's my intention to hold the space for you to speak your truth out loud. Thought provoking conversations are a great way to get re-inspired & refreshed with a new perspective on how to approach what's next for you. 


What People Are Saying:

“Can I just tell the group if you haven't done a power hour with Melissa Impett sign up grab some tissues...a journal and a pen and do it. It feels so empowering by the end. Thanks again for all you do in helping me get my smile back.”

Marcey Trabant

“I had my first power hour call with Melissa yesterday and now I completely understand why it’s called a POWER hour. It was the most powerful conversation. She reminded me of the importance of self compassion, which is easily forgotten when you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Together we created a personalized plan of action so that I can develop healthier routines and habits to accomplish my goals. I am so grateful to Melissa for opening up my mind and helping me see past the limiting beliefs that prevent me from making my dreams a reality! I am a true believer that people come into your life for a reason and Melissa saved me from feeling lost and overwhelmed on this journey! Our one on one call showed me the importance of having someone like Melissa in my life to believe in me, cheer me on and offer guidance and support. This call and being part of her DTFMB community has literally changed the trajectory of my life!”

Sarah Rosenzweig