This is a monthly subscription. I agree to be an active part of this community. I agree to be a team player and only add positive, supportive content to the group. I agree to contact Melissa ASAP if there is something that is bothering me that I need more support on. If Melissa feels as if you are not a positive addition to the community, Melissa has the right to remove you and cancel your subscription.

If Melissa or any of the Admins feel as if you are at risk of harming yourself or any member of the community, she will suggest professional services.

If you have ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS-- Please seek professional guidance before starting or altering your diet or fitness plan.

Melissa is here as a resource for you and will not be held responsible for any injury. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are taking full responsibility and will participate in this community at your own risk.

Want to spend an hour together really putting a plan of action together before diving into the group??

Let's do a POWER HOUR.

I'd love to get to know you on a deeper level right off the bat and help give you some 1:1 guidance to be focusing on as you join this community!

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Dedicated to Feeling My Best -- Membership

SO excited to welcome you to the DTFMB Family!!!

This Facebook Community is set up as a "learning category". There are Units that you may work on at your own pace. These units include:

Video trainings

Downloadable PDF Files

Cooking Demos

Exercise Video Library for at Home & Gym Workouts

Expert Guest Appearances

Weekly Self Reflection Journal Prompts

Self Reflection Sunday Live Zoom Call with Melissa to discuss weekly journal prompt and answer any questions

There will be new content added weekly to ensure that we are all continuously learning and growing towards FEELING our best

If for some reason you need to cancel, please email me at iambeautifullybuilt@gmail.com

What People Are Saying:

“My girl Melissa Impett has the best group Dedicated to Feeling My Best -- Members Only 🙌🙌🙌My girl gives you the ultimate fitness hookup by providing healthy meal recipes, workouts for home and for the gym,as well as some kick booty personal development❤️👌🔥This group keeps me accountable and consistent.Two thumbs way up! If you haven’t checked her out totally do it today....best.decision.EVER!”

Tiffany Vrabel

“LADIES!! Are you looking for guidance and a sense of community when it comes to your nutrition? Need help in getting into the best shape of your life? Looking for new and fresh ideas for the gym? My girl Melissa Impett has this AMAZING Group called Dedicated to Feeling My Best -- Members Only. It has SO MUCH fabulous content. In a short time I have learned SO MUCH and gained a whole new perspective about my relationship with nutrition. Please check this page out it’s absolutely amazing. You will not regret it i PROMISE. 😃”

Sarah Linscott