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A 10 Week Spiritually Aligned Business Mastermind for Entrepreneurs & Wantrepreneurs  who would love to create a more magnetizing energy-- attracting limitless clients, money and success! ✨

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Client Testimonial

-Taylor @taylorjeans_coaching


Have you ever been a part of a Mastermind?

A Mastermind is a mix between an online course & a group coaching program. Each week, there are video trainings and modules, written assignments & activities, along with a Group Zoom Call to integrate and apply all of this new information. Collaboration & sharing creative energy within this container is the key to flourishing ✨

Throughout the Mastermind we touch upon:
✨Energy, vibrations & how to authentically radiate 
✨Intentional healing
✨Uncovering & freeing trapped emotions
✨Understanding limiting beliefs & how to transmute them
✨How to align & uncover your true purpose
✨How to build a soulful business
✨How to strengthen your money mindset
✨How to earn your worth

"@a_healthy_attitude girl.... I have to thank you I’m going to be completely honest and say that I already feel sooo different! Like, I knew I had walls up but didn’t realize how many damn walls were in my way! I’m already coming up with new ideas on how obtain clients, work with them and change my wording and thought process.... it’s crazy!! I’m soooo glad I took this leap! ❤️"


How does the Mastermind Work?

✨ The Brightest Light Video Modules will be hosted right here on this website. Once you have registered, you will have Log In Access to the video modules & assignments FOREVER! You can watch and re-watch each module anytime or as many times as you'd like.

✨The written activities and exercises are where the true uncovering happens. Questions to help you dig deep & create awareness to the healing that's needed within.

✨The Weekly Mastermind Conference Call will be hosted on Zoom-- You will learn from the Module Video, apply in your written activities and truly integrate and evolve as you speak on each Zoom Call.  A replay of the call will be added to the Modules so that you can always refer back to the replay.

✨There will be an Instagram Group Chat for daily support, motivation and conversation. There is no doubt in my mind that the new friendships that will form during this Mastermind will last a lifetime. There is nothing better than having strong, dedicated business besties to lift you up when you need it the most!

In this 10 Week Mastermind, it is my intention to help you FEEL...

✨More spiritually connect and aware of your limitless potential

✨More clear and connected with your purpose and path

✨Complete trust in the process because you are creating it

✨More confident showing up as a lightworker to impact and move the World forward-- creating more abundance by ditching the fear and scarcity thoughts restricting you from the success that you KNOW you are capable of.

✨Confident in building a badass business online

My love, I am here to hold the space for you. I have so much knowledge & powerful messages to share, but please remember, this is up to you. You must be committed to showing up and making the crystal clear decision to step into your highest self. The 10 week framework that I have created will guide you on a journey to elevate if you show up and do the work. I am so proud of you for this commitment to yourself-- I am honored to be a part of your journey 💜✨

"Melissa is such an incredible light in this world. She has such a gift to lift and transform those in her presence. Melissa and I connected right away. I could feel her goodness from the first conversation. It has been a complete honor to be part of her soul’s journey. Anyone who comes into her energy is in for a beautiful awakening experience."

Marli Ansel @Marli_ansel
Melissa's Mentor & Spiritual Guide

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Meet Melissa ✨

Melissa is a Vibrational Life & Career Coach passionate about helping people spiritually uplevel and evolve in their lives & business.

Melissa has been building a business online for nearly 8 years and loves helping people monetize their passions online. Creating a spiritual awakening and teaching others how to use their own energy and vibration to connect and attract their ideal clients is a game changer in the online business World. 

Melissa has been a part of 3 Masterminds and has worked with many spiritual guides, teachers and mentors. She has so much knowledge to share and is so lit up to guide, support and create the space for all  who feel called to work with her. 

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